• 100 Star Street, Carlisle, WA, 6101

  • Cityview Church


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Q and A Panel – Entrepreneurship

About this event

Enjoy a full breakfast, networking and learn from the panel who will inspire you on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur.


Derek Whitaker

Derek Whitaker is the Founding Director of Blu Sky Factory, a financial education company which primarily focuses on stock options trading education. They cater to students from all over Australia and around the world, focusing on empowering the complete beginner to those who’ve tried their hand at trading and want to increase their knowledge base.

Derek is also a partner in a private investment fund which trades the markets for wealthy people including friends and family. The partnership is also involved in private deals as angel investors.

Loretta Spatocco

Loretta Spatocco is a Career Alignment Mentor, Resume Writer and Owner of Skills For Your Career. She is an avid advocate for career fulfillment and has developed a reputation for reconnecting people with their passion and values and aligning this with the career path that is meaningful to them.

Nicole Ravi

As a second generation entrepreneur and avid life learner, Nicole had tried her hand at many things from being an employee in various industries, self-employed as a personal trainer, co-founding a traditional business, and a start-up social enterprise, before eventually landing and staying the course on what she discovered was one of her greatest life’s purposes and passions – empowering people towards theirs