What to Expect

What to Expect

Our Sunday service starts at 10.00am and runs for approximately 90 minutes. This service is in English. After the service, you are welcome to stay for a chat over free tea or coffee. Our café is also open most Sundays, where you may purchase a delicious lunch.

Below is a brief run down on what happens during a typical Sunday service.

Walking in the door

You’ll be warmly greeted by someone from our congregation wearing a welcome badge. They’ll give you a copy of our monthly newsletter “Welcome to Cityview” and they’ll ask for your name if you’re new or visiting. If you need to know where the amenities are, these are the people to ask.

Finding a seat

If you know someone, you might like to sit with them. Otherwise, feel free to choose where you want to sit, nothing is reserved. If you’re in a wheel chair, the people with welcome badges will point you to the most comfortable position.

How does the service begin?

Our service always begins with lively music! Cityview has a great band which plays contemporary Christian music and invites everyone to join with them in singing praises to GOD. The words of the songs are shown above the band, so everyone can follow the music. You’ll enjoy the variety of instruments played and the integrity of the worship. The Cityview band write a good portion of what they sing.

Do you have children’s ministry?

After singing 2-3 lively praise songs, and before we commence singing a couple of songs of worship, everyone is invited to greet each other. This is the time for parents to take their children into the adjoining hall for their own ministry. All children must be signed in and out by a parent or guardian. Cityview Children’s Church is a unique programme, as it offers the same spiritual message spoken to the adults in the main service, but delivered in a way the children will understand.

What do I do if my baby is a distraction in the church service?

If you find your baby to be a distraction to others in the service, to the left of our main auditorium, there’s a ‘parents viewing room’ with a window and sound speaker. Please feel free to use this room, you will still feel a part of our service while catering for the needs of your baby. This room provides a cot, change table, microwave, as well as a range of baby toys.

What happens during welcome & announcements?

This is the time Cityview Church keeps everyone informed of our programmes and future events. During this time, all new people are given a warm welcome. You will be given a Welcome Pack which includes a voucher for a free cappuccino from our café, a letter from our Pastor and a welcome card, which we invite you to fill out and place into our offering bags or give to an usher.

May I take Communion?

Fortnightly, Cityview Church includes the ceremony of Communion in its main service. This ceremony symbolizes the key message of what Christianity is all about – Jesus Christ died on the cross, He took our punishment upon Himself so that we may have the forgiveness of God. He then rose from the dead, conquering death and hell, so we can spend eternity with Him. Everyone who believes that Jesus Christ is their LORD and Savior is invited to participate in Communion.

Ushers will offer you a broken piece of dry wafer, this is the ‘bread’ that symbolizes Jesus’ body on the cross.
Ushers will also offer you a small cup of grape juice, this is the wine that symbolizes Jesus’ blood that was poured out for the forgiveness of sins.
Usually, you will be invited to wait until everyone has a piece of bread and cup of juice before eating.

What do I do when the offering is taken?

This part of the service, is where everyone has an opportunity to give a financial offering to God. Usually a song is played, while the offering bags are passed through the church by the ushers. If you are new or visiting, we do not expect you to give. The money collected is used to pay our ministers, administration staff, leasing of the building, operating costs and various ministries.

What kind of sermon is delivered?

All sermons preached at Cityview Church are totally Bible based and have the aim to inspire people to live their lives according to the way of the LORD. Jesus is THE answer and it is Jesus who we preach.

 Our service usually finishes in prayer and then everyone is encouraged to stay for some sweet fellowship over a cuppa or lunch even. Cityview Church has a well-equipped café (including baby high chairs) and Cityview Church also provides, for your leisure, a beautiful grassed back yard with children’s play equipment.
Come & experience, for yourself, our beautiful community!