Wednesdays in The Word (Current series – ‘Demons and their Influence’)
  • 100 Star Street, Carlisle WA 6101, Australia

  • Cityview Church

Wednesdays in The Word (Current series – ‘Demons and their Influence’)

Cityview Church is a Bible based church. The Senior Pastor and Eldership strongly believe in grounding and growing the church in the Word of God. To this end, Wednesday night is given over to Bible Study. Everyone is welcome to come and participate in our studies. Usually, Ps Pamela Haneveld and Ps John Warwick are responsible for choosing the Bible subjects and teaching them. Ample opportunity is given for questions and comments; it’s a great time for interaction and communication. We have some lighthearted times, as well as serious and down to earth discussions. We endeavor to make the Bible as relevant and meaningful as possible and always invite the Holy Spirit to reveal His Word to us.

Our evening begins with light refreshments at 7.oopm, this is closely followed by a short time of worship/prayer and then Bible study commences, finishing around 8:40pm.

Bible study is a must for every Christian. All of life’s problems can be answered through God’s Word – the Bible. There is a wealth of spiritual knowledge hidden in the Bible for us, hidden for us, not hidden from us. God has put it there for us, it is our responsibility to dig the golden nuggets of God’s truth out of his Word and put them into operation in our lives. James puts it this way, ‘do what the Word says’. You can’t put The Bible into operation, if you do not know what it says. James 1:22-25. Please come and join us in the Word, your life will be so much richer.